Artwork & Lyric Video for MA'AM

Art Direction & Photography by me
Styling by Anett Dobra
Graphic design by Luca Mohácsi

"Andremodor Modaleda is a character, a planet or expression. I can hide in it and with it within my own safe zone, where bad news and problems cannot reach me. A.M. isolates me from the outside world, she helps me to carry on representing the good side in everyday life and in art alike. I wish to resolve, play, fight and interpret.

This material serves to aid me release anxiety, anger and fear. During making music I can fulfil play-like mechanisms. What I mean as playing, is when I am gaming, holding workshops for kids or when I am just running around in the garden like a fool.

While my previous release (EGMÁ) was about purgation in the digital space, the Andremodor Modaleda is (about) isolation and recharging. Playing swings me over difficulties, and I hope my music will serve the same purpose for others."

/ MA'AM /
The lyric video is a call for play that offers a getaway from reality. Unbeknownst to the “reader” of the karaoke, they are drawn closer to Andremodor Modaleda through the mountains of EGMÁ.
The video is meditative and disturbing - akin to being in our own room alone.